Angst+Pfister AG
Thurgauerstr. 66
CH-8052 Zürich


Employment and placement

At Angst Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions the search and selection of candidates, who are most fitting for our vision, objectives and corporate culture is very important for us, for the existence and development of our organization. We continue with candidates who are the closest to our basic, technical and administrative capabilities at the evaluation stage. For all employed personnel, we are preparing an orientation schedule.

Applications to our company are made through the internet or by personal applications. All applications received are recorded in the human resources pool.

Performance management

In the performance management system, the goal is a common understanding of organizational objectives expected to be accomplished and the performances expected from the employees to that end. In this manner, the process of pricing, rewarding and development is adopted for the contributions made by the employees. The employees are rewarded by wages or different practices, through job assessments, wage management systems and performance interviews held at certain periods.

Training management

With the awareness of the significance of investments made for humans, internal and external trainings are organized to cover the gap between the information, skills and attitudes brought along at the time of employment, and the required information, skills and attitudes to perform the specific duties and responsibilities of their jobs. And, depending on the ongoing performance outputs, training requirement analyses are made.

Training policy

To ensure the constant training of our colleagues in line with the Angst Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions purpose and objectives and their own personal development
• Through training, to contribute to our continuously improving ability to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers, employees, suppliers and the society
• To ensure the development and maturation of the quality concept within Angst Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions
• To develop the team spirit
• To ensure the adoption of the values of job consciousness, awareness and added value by our colleagues

Recommendation award system

In our organization, supporting continued improvement, the recommendations of our employees, contributing to our development, are being evaluated and rewarded by our recommendations committee.

Career management

The horizontal and vertical career paths are always open for our employees. Career management according to career plans is being implemented and the process is being supported by training support.

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