Angst+Pfister AG
Thurgauerstr. 66
CH-8052 Zürich


Human Resources Policy

Angst Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions is aware that Human Resources Management is a process that requires uninterrupted handling of long-term organizational improvement, rather than as a point or result to be achieved. With this awareness, we believe that our ability to develop and maintain our presence in the Turkish and the world markets is made possible by the maintenance of our available human resources.


• Angst Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions employees are each of individual value!
• Prioritizing unity, association and solidarity
• Where all employees approach each other with respect and love
• Where management- employee relationships are refined and sincere
• Composed of individuals who are hardworking and with objectives
• Customer focused
• With high quality standards
• Capable of responding very rapidly in new product or serial product production
• Where all employees share the spirit of Research - Development
• With high business ability
• Ready to compete with all world leaders
• Assuming to make more contributions to the country, employees, and other supporting industries as the main principle.
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