Angst+Pfister AG
Thurgauerstr. 66
CH-8052 Zürich


Railway Systems

Established in 1982, Angst Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions has been manufacturing Antivibration parts providing passenger safety and comfort in rail systems.


Primary Suspensions

Bogie is a system that enables the systems of the train to function safely and fully without being affected from vibrations. Laspar Angst+Pfister also manufactures primary suspensions varying according to the location of functioning.

Flexible Couplings

Angst Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions manufactures the single or double metal rubber bushings and full couplings used for the couplings.

Compressor Mounting

Various anti-vibration elements that provide the absorption of the vibration and noise occurring with the functioning of the compressor are within the product range of Angst Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions.

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